Hey, hi, hello, & welcome to the Prema Boutique blog!

Starting Prema Boutique has been a fast-moving process, and I am so excited to get the site launched so that I can share with everyone all the amazing things I have spent so much time pouring my heart, soul, and energy into.

Prema Boutique will be a one-stop shop for those ladies leading a lifestyle that highlights an appreciation for health, wellness, sunshine, moonlight, and the perfectly imperfect balance of this wonderful thing we call life. The products you will find on the pages will include everyday apparel, athletic wear, swimsuits, jewelry, self-care essentials, and coordinating accessories for all the above.

The launch will highlight some brands you may have heard of, and some that Prema Boutique will be introducing you to. My favorite athletic brand that will be available upon launch is Onzie. Onzie is an amazing company that has a killer staff (s/o to my brand rep Camille), passion-driven business goals, and products that are soft, comfortable, and easy to move and flow in. These are just a few things you will see at Prema Boutique at launch, as well as items that are coming soon with the transition of seasons. 

House of Tens is another brand I am very excited about carrying and can't wait for others to get their hands on. This company is killin' the graphic apparel game with trendy sayings, and well thought out graphic/font/color creations on super soft [like the SOFTEST ever] long sleeves, short sleeves, and tank tops. I immediately placed a personal order after feeling how soft and comfy these tanks are, and I've been living in them since. 

Those are all the sneak peeks I have for ya today! Stay tuned for the next post that is going to give ya a glimpse of some jewelry that will be available upon launch and in the near future. 

Post-launch this blog will be used to share information regarding a broad spectrum of topics such as lifestyle focused posts, Prema Boutique important info., sneak peeks, updates, and whatever else I want to share with the Prema Boutique world.

I am thrilled to begin sharing the experiences of Prema Boutique with my friends, family, and future customers. Connect with Prema Boutique on social media so you don’t miss out on any of the fun and specials as the site prepares for launch. 




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