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My name is McKenzie and I'm the lucky lady that is fortunate enough to wear all the hats at Prema Boutique. 

To be honest, writing this "about me" page has been the most difficult part of the website creation process. I have drafted many versions, all paragraphs long filled with information about my hometown, my dogs, my work experience, and how that experience has brought me to where I am. Yikes - super boring. So instead I have compiled and answered some of the questions I have been most frequently asked during this process thus far. Enjoy!

1. McKenzie, what the heck are you doing?
I have absolutely no idea. But I'm loving it!! With astronomically high hopes, a stellar support system, and butterflies in my stomach I set out to turn a concept into a reality, and it has become so much more than I could have ever imagined. 

Prema Boutique was originally going to be a store that sold swimwear and graphic tees. And that was it. But after some market research and reevaluation of my personal priorities [& a lot of caffeine], I decided to go a different route. And from that point on the focus was redirected to curating an inventory filled with things that I love and want to share with all the ladies out there.

So now Prema Boutique is here and ready to provide all the babes of the world with the greatest in athletic wear, swimwear, ladies apparel, self-care products, jewelry, accessories, and home goods. 

2. Do you ever sleep
No, I'm a stressed out Capricorn. Shoot me an e-mail at 3 am and let's have a great time getting to know each other.

3. What type of stuff do you sell?
First of all - I don't sell "stuff". I have spent countless hours searching all corners of the internet, booth after booth at markets, and aisle after aisle at local fairs to pick and choose only the best items for my customers. You won't find just any ole' product on these pages, but instead, an inventory full of amazing things that I love and I hope you do too. 

4. Where is the store located?
Everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.
- Prema Boutique is currently online only, so everything you could want and need is here on the webpage for you!
- Prema Boutique's office is located in Charlotte, NC. 

5. Where did the name come from?
You know how sometimes you read or hear a quote or article and it's exactly what you need to read or hear at that specific moment in time? Welp - that's how it happened. I had spent a lot of time coming up with possible names and I hated all of them. So I decided to do what any responsible and driven young adult should do: give up, reassign the task to my mom, and uncork a bottle of wine. 

The next afternoon I was stretching out after some yoga and reading over a journal prompt when BOOM. The words flew off the page and kissed me ever so sweetly on the cheek. 

"Aham Prema" is a mantra that I had heard and seen, but never directly incorporated into my practice. It comes from the Sankskirt - aham, meaning "I", and prema, meaning "love"- and is typically translated to "I am divine love". Knowing I wanted a simple name for my business I decided to drop the "aham" and stuck with "prema" because all you need is love (& love is all you need).

6. Is the store just for yoga people?
Noooo! Prema Boutique is for all the ladies (in the place with style and grace) who are able to appreciate a little bohemian flare, other badass gals, the fact that it is indeed 5 o'clock somewhere, and the babe power that is burning inside each and every female. PB will be a one-stop shop for those ladies leading a lifestyle that highlights an appreciation for health, wellness, sunshine, moonlight, and the perfectly imperfect balance of this wonderful thing we call life.

7. What's next for Prema Boutique?
No clue, BUT I am pumped for the future of Prema Boutique and all the opportunities and adventure ahead of me! Join along and be a part of the newest chapter in my life - Prema Boutique.

Follow Prema Boutique on social media and never miss a beat. Stay up to date on all PB news, special promotions, pictures of my dogs, and a funny meme or two.

McKenzie Hall
Prema Boutique Owner


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