Skin Tonic, rose mint


"Rose Mint skin tonic is designed to restore the skin's PH with rose water, and hydrate with argan oil + aloe vera. Peppermint fights off acne-causing bacteria while lifting your mood + providing mental clarity. A healthy face and well-being provided by the power of plants."

   • 4oz 
glass bottle 
INGREDIENTS:  aloe vera, rose floral water, peppermint hydrosol,
      argan oil, geranium, + peppermint leaf oil. 
   •  TO USE: After cleansing or to refresh throughout the day as
      needed, spray on face while avoiding eyes. {also great for
      setting makeup} SHAKE WELL to distribute oils before
      each use! *
   • Skin Tonic color can range from a pale to darker yellow
      depending on the natural color of the rose floral water
      which can vary.  Keep out of direct sun and away from
      heat which can also cause product to darken (but is still
      perfectly good to use).
   • all details + ingredients provided are from the brand's 
     product information guide
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