Skin Tonic, wild flower


"Feeling stressed? You can sit in a field filled with rainbow wildflowers OR mist this on your face for a similar effect to help refresh + center. Soothe tired skin with gentle chamomile floral water & aloe vera plus calm your mind with lavender & vanilla...You got this."

   • 4oz 
glass bottle 
INGREDIENTS:  aloe vera, chamomile floral water, lavender 
      floral water, meadowfoam seed oil, lavender essential oil,
      lemongrass oil, geranium oil, natural (phthalate-free) vanilla
      fragrance, + grapefruit seed extract.

   •  TO USE: SHAKE WELL to distribute oils. After cleansing or to
       revive skin throughout the day, mist over face & allow to sink in.
       Follow with favorite face oil. 
    • Skin Tonic color can range from a clear to grayish-purple
      depending on the natural color of the lavender/chamomile
     floral water, which can vary. 
Keep out of direct sun and away from 
      heat which can also cause the product to darken (but is still 
      perfectly good to use).
   •  all details + ingredients provided are from the brand's 
      product information guide

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